Earned Media vs. Paid Media: What Are the Benefits of Both?

Earned Media vs. Paid Media: What Are the Benefits of Both?

Media profiles are more important than ever in the modern world. Social media, production of commercials, video content, and motion graphics for explainer videos and corporate videos are becoming a mainstay in the way that companies and consumers interact with one another. Production services are quickly becoming prevalent in this relationship, and building great content for your users is a core function of any successful company.

Yet many people still consider their media approach in a singular manner. With a variety of different video projects and other commercials, companies are able to engage with their target audience more effectively and with greater penetration.

One way in which companies are finding success is with a blended earned media and paid media approach. Leveraging both strategies is a great way to increase customer conversions and boost brand awareness for the long term. Yet many businesses simply don’t understand how earned media works and, as a result, fail to incorporate this approach in their media strategy. Read on to learn how to take advantage of all aspects of the media production cycle for the greatest possible results.

Earned media is free publicity.


Earned media is essentially the reuse of your content that extends beyond your direct control. When a consumer retweets, reposts, or recycles old material that you’ve put out there, giving your brand refreshed relevance within the digital media sphere, you’ve “earned” additional media coverage without having to pay for it or strategize to gain additional placement of your content.

Many digital media producers have created an earned media strategy that works for their brand as a result. The power of free publicity is deep and resounding, so many businesses chase after earned media with reckless abandon. This type of media is all about virality. Viral content attracts more reuse over the long term than any other media products that exist on the internet. Creating viral social media and other digital content is difficult, though. Many script and video production services focus on crafting easily digestible content that users will find engaging and entertaining in order to boost usability in the earned media sphere.

Creating content that is relatable and entertaining is the best way to boost reuse, but relying on this type of media can’t be the only strategy that you employ for generating buzz around your company and products.

Paid media is a mainstay in the industry for a reason.


Paid media is any type of commercial content that you create and then pay to display. Advertisements and other paid media content are a surefire way to place your brand front and center and generate a consistent stream of potential customers to your site and physical stores and business. With the help of video production services, brands are able to build robust content libraries with compelling 3D animation and live-event videos that can be shared across multiple platforms with ease.

Social media platforms are by far some of the most important locations that businesses frequent when engaging with paid media. Social networking sites occupy some of the largest presences on the internet today, and as a result, brands are able to tap into data that supports engagement with target audiences effectively and at reasonable price points.

Leveraging a blended approach to the commercial media opportunities available to you and your brand offers the best possible outcome. With additional support from third-party video production options, building professional commercials is simple and affordable. Chasing after viral content that hits home with your target audience isn’t always easy, but with a blended strategy, you can aim for the stars and achieve your goals on a consistent basis.

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