3 of the Most Popular Graduate Degrees

3 of the Most Popular Graduate Degrees

Graduate school is a great option for those who are seeking advanced knowledge in their field. A master’s degree or even a PhD can provide you with a firm foundation to continue pursuing increasingly difficult and rewarding opportunities in the workforce, yet for many, selecting the appropriate degree program can be a challenge.

Because there are so many options out there, finding the right fit for your needs isn’t always a simple process. With this guide, selecting from amongst the crowded field of degree programs can be made a little easier. These three graduate degree options are highly popular, and for good reason. They are all excellent resume-builders that can help you gain the technical skills you need to continue pursuing your dreams while ensuring that you always impress interviewers and corporate bosses.

1. Law


The law field is complex and fascinating. Litigant operators like Malliha Wilson show up every day to champion human rights, labour law, peace negotiations, good governance, and much more. Malliha Wilson is a veteran litigant in the Canadian legal system, serving previously as the assistant deputy attorney general for the Ontario Government. Wilson specializes in human rights law, Indigenous protection initiatives, and other complex litigation within the Canadian legal system.

For those thinking about a career in legal services, looking into the careers of other successful litigators like Malliha Wilson can help you gain a better understanding of the rigors of the profession as well as a blueprint for how to move from undergraduate work into law school and beyond. A law degree is the first step in the right direction for anyone who wants to work in environmental protections, human rights law, or prosecution or defense circles. There is so much that one can achieve within this field, and a degree is simply a must for anyone hoping to arrive at this space.

2. Business


Business school is another excellent opportunity to gain valuable experience and knowledge in pursuit of unique and exciting entrepreneurship. With an MBA degree, the possibilities within the world of corporate business and entrepreneurship open up endlessly. Yet for many, the coronavirus pandemic has meant a reduction in the availability of on-campus coursework or the need to put a career on hold in order to accomplish the coursework necessary to graduate with an MBA.

In the past, MBA work was an intensive labor of love that required extended hours on campus and in the library. Yet in the modern place of learning, business administration online has become a real, viable option for those who are seeking out this advanced degree while maintaining their busy schedule of commitments. Online degree programs are growing in prominence and substance in today’s world, and business school is no exception. Today, students are able to work in these courses alongside their work commitments and social life with far greater grace than ever before. This is a crucial element of higher education given the current social, economic, and political climate.

3. Computer Science


Programming languages and computational infrastructure is knowledge that will never lose utility in the business world. Corporations and small businesses alike are always on the hunt for computer scientists who have a knack for programming and troubleshooting complex problems. Automation and AI are becoming far more valuable in the corporate world, and as a result, businesses of all varieties are in desperate need of those with the unique skill set that comes through coursework in computational sciences and other related fields. An advanced degree here will set you up for sustained viability in the job market, regardless of where the future of technology and work takes us.

These three educational areas are in consistently high demand, so consider adding higher education to your resume today for greater mobility tomorrow.

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