Creative Ways to Get New Customers

Creative Ways to Get New Customers

As a small business owner, you might have heard of the best ways to acquire new customers: having strong social media marketing, hiring a copywriter to produce winning content, creating an engaging and profitable web design, and sending weekly newsletters, to name a few. 

While these tactics are a great way to grow your customer base, they’re also more conventional. But don’t ditch them—we’re here to show you even more creative ways you can convert potential customers into loyal customers, some of which you’ve already seen but never thought of implementing. 

Partner With Influencers and Entrepreneurs

When they’re a part of your target audience, well-known online personalities can bring new leads if they choose to partner with you. If your brand or product resonates with their work and strategy, don’t hesitate to get in touch with them via e-mail or direct message. Their huge following and support might be the boost you need. 

Host Giveaways on Social Media

We all love giveaways because we’re eager to win things, whether it be random prizes or something we desperately want or need.  

Giving one of your products away to someone in your target audience can reel in more prospects and drive more traffic to your page. It’s simple: when you ask your audience to mention their followers on your giveaway post or share your post on their own page, more and more people will see it and possibly join in. You don’t need to do it too often, though—a monthly giveaway is ideal. 

Offer Freebies Periodically

When you offer free quality stuff every now and again, your customers and prospects get a peek of what they would get for paid services, in which even better solutions are included. Here’s an example:

If you write a blog that specializes in professional business tips, consider compiling a few of your best tips into an e-book and make it free of charge in exchange for an e-mail subscription. Also, include a premium option to offer special advice and even one-on-ones for those who pay a premium fee. 

Outsource Innovative Services

Have you ever thought of cold-calling potential clients without actually calling them? Yes, that’s possible. By deploying a ringless voicemail service, you can send voicemails without the phone ringing or your potential customer being billed for the call. This service increases the listen-rate by 96 percent instead of contributing to ignored messages. 

In addition, look for fast and effective solutions to ensure not only paying customers but happy customers. Keep your CX optimal by replying instantly to doubts and complaints–solutions with 24/7 availability and personalized interactions make customers feel valued, and that should be your main concern. BrightPattern is a great example of ideal multichannel and automated services for your business. 

Meet influential people

Is your community aware of your business and the services it offers? Whether your answer is yes or no, you should participate in networking events often. Your local Chamber of Commerce will connect you with compatible event attendees who are also local business owners, and further business interests between you. Therefore, communicate, market yourself, and hand out business cards if you wish. Meeting like-minded people on a personal level might even result in new clients and partnerships in the future. 

Make Special Offers

Do you ever wonder why your potential clients never complete their purchase on your website? You might be forgetting to add benefits at the end of a sales page, such as exclusive deals for new and current customers and discount coupons. 

Just like real testimonials add credibility to a sales page, special discounts and offers can ensure the buyer that they’re making the right decision. Offers aren’t pushy—they’re another way of showing customers you want them to feel safe and valued whenever they buy from you. 

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