Cool Things You Can Do On the Internet for Free

Cool Things You Can Do On the Internet for Free

There’s something for everyone on the internet, which is why it’s one of the coolest inventions since sliced bread. The internet allows you to connect to any thread, subreddit, post, or forum without leaving the comfort of your home. Every business, big or small, leverages the power of the internet at some stage.

It’s one of the most fun things in the world that connects us together through mutual interests and shared stories, but there are things even cooler about the internet than just social media and online search. The internet is full of whacky, clever, and interesting websites waiting to be explored by active and adventurous individuals. The following are some of the best things that you can do online for free.

Make your own music

There’s a range of free apps online that allow you to make your own music for free. They’re designed to be as user-friendly as possible and give you a lot of options for you to explore. You can also work with recommended tracklists and create your own remixes. If you love experimenting, there are options like Fruity Loops, Sound Trap, and Audacity.

Send massive files

The internet offers you the opportunity to send massive file sizes across a range of options. You can do so by working with any of the top file sharing apps such as Google, Amazon, Dropbox, and so many others. For a more secure transfer, it’s good to have an online cloud photo storage option. Not only can your personal cloud store your photos and image files securely, but it also allows you to access them from any device, in any location, anywhere. 

Conduct a background check on anyone

Yes, you too have access to background records from the comfort of your own home. You can check out several different options when it comes to conducting that thorough background analysis. You can use free public background check services to find more information about a specific individual or their business. From criminal records to financial records and everything in-between, such tools are invaluable in the information they provide you free of charge.

Learn new skills

Coursera, Udemy, and Udacity are some of the top course learning platforms out there. You can also pick up free courses taught by Ivy League schools under their own platforms, as well. It’s a great way to learn from the brightest minds in the world without getting your credit card out.

Love languages?

Duolingo is a cool app that lets you learn languages for free. You can choose from a range of options and even play fun games in different languages. It’s one of the most recommended applications out there, along with Memrise, and Quizlet.

Get free boxes from UPS

You heard that right. If you wanted to have a collection of UPS boxes in your garage, then you can do so for free. It’s a great way to have storage space that you can stack up without paying a single penny. They’re also available in different sizes, adding to the benefits acquired. 

Manage your finances

Cool apps such as Mint and others help you manage your finances better. You can get started for free and create a new account easily. You can also start uploading your daily expenses and income coming into your account. It’s a great way to get a free service that’s scalable and user-friendly.

Learn a magic trick

Magic tricks are rising in popularity again, which is why many people are heading to online websites to learn them. There are some amazing platforms online that teach budding magicians the tricks of the trade. From cards to cages, the only limitation is your imagination.

Get some free counseling

If you’ve been feeling down lately, then you can interact with a therapist online. It’s one of the best ways to get the answers you need, especially when you’re browsing through for something unique. Free websites also help connect volunteers to chat with about your queries.

While many of us use the internet for work and connectivity, its uses go far beyond. From finding out more information about someone to storing files and even creating some sick beats, make use of the wonderful tools available online.

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