How To Appeal to Your Customers No Matter the Industry

How To Appeal to Your Customers No Matter the Industry

Customers have varying needs, and the way clients relate to a law firm may differ from how shoppers interact with retailers for daily supplies. That notwithstanding, several ways exist for businesses of all sizes and industries to influence and ramp up customer satisfaction. But appealing to customers is easier said than done, and businesses need significant planning and intentional CRM efforts to ensure success. These tips can help you appeal to your customers regardless of your industry.

Understand your market.


Research your market and understand its push-and-pull factors. What influences your customers’ purchase decisions? What do prospective customers consider before adopting a product? Asking some of these questions can help you generate insights to facilitate conversions and understand how your product best fits your industry.

Suppose your customers are environmentally conscious. It helps to use green packaging and plastics like BioMax from Earthwise Packaging. Earthwise is an innovative force in the industrial lubricants market and produces environmentally friendly plastics made entirely from sugarcane. Once extracted, the sugar is converted into ethanol, which is then used to produce plastics.

Be visible with your branding.

The digital world is content-saturated. Facebook alone sees over a billion posts each day whilst Twitter and Instagram follow closely with multiple tweets and photos each second. Differentiating between products has become essential for businesses now more than ever. So, it pays to share your brand values and improve the visibility of brand assets like your company logo. These values connect you to past customers and increase brand awareness. Future buyers can also hop on if they’re convinced of your brand and what you stand for.

You can also create a corporate video explaining your work and place it on your website. Using a video production company like COLDEA Productions will help your company appear authentic with real people involved. COLDEA’s team of professional marketing content creators offers commercial video production, photography, and animation services that help you resonate with your audience. You can check COLDEA’s customer testimonials for more reassurance.

Prioritize a two-way relationship.

As a general rule of thumb, the more value you give, the more you get, and this also applies to customer service. Developing a relationship between existing and new customers with a self-centered approach might be problematic. This is because customers have feelings, which means they’ll also have suggestions to share after using your products. Therefore, it pays to encourage customer feedback and testimonials.

Featuring a testimonial page on your site is an excellent way to leverage customer feedback for trustworthiness and credibility. Using different types of testimonials can significantly improve word-of-mouth marketing efforts and afford you a cost-effective way of ramping up customer trust.

Personalize your interactions.

According to Forbes, 70 percent of customers feel frustrated when brands use impersonal selling tactics. While sales pitches are a good thing, being overly “salesy” without considering a customer’s value and interests can be a turn-off. Therefore, relating with customers on an emotional level is vital. To do this properly, you can rely on your market’s analytics and trends to determine your customers’ emotional touchpoints.

Leverage influencers.


About 7 percent of companies invested more than a million dollars into influencer marketing campaigns last year. No, they’re not crazy: Influencer marketing works like magic if you haven’t tried it. At least 89 percent of modern brands agree, and unlike brands, influencers aren’t limited by services or products. They simply share what their audience loves, and their audience rewards them with significant traction and loyalty. Brands can leverage this traction to increase their reach and positioning on the market. Their ads resonate better with users, and they’re 80 percent more likely to ensure return on investments (ROI)

All in all, there’s no easy way for business owners to appeal to their customers. It can all begin from understanding what makes your customers tick. And companies can better improve their customer satisfaction efforts by combining multiple strategies rather than sticking to one.

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