Everything You Need to Know About Jewelry Manufacturing

Everything You Need to Know About Jewelry Manufacturing


For millennia, humanity has fashioned jewelry from a variety of materials. Whether for a queen’s crown or for that special engagement ring, no material has been as popular among jewelers as gold and diamonds.

Gold: The King of Metals

At up to 1,746 USD per ounce, finding the right source of gold can be expensive. Alamos Gold is a good place to start. Although based in Canada, Alamos Gold has several mines in the United States and other parts of North America, such as the Young-Davidson Mine and the Island Gold Mine in northern Ontario, Canada, and the Mulatos Mine and formerly the Sonora Mine, in Mexico. The acquisition of gold by the tonne by many a miner in the employ of Alamos Gold is enacted every year, creating good cash flow for the company.

Alamos Gold, Turkey, for example, has mine sites and project sites in the Ağı Dağı Project, the Doğu Biga Project, the and the Kirazli Project within the Biga peninsula of northwestern Turkey. Alamos Gold CEO John A. McCluskey has guaranteed that the Turkish project has met the social responsibility towards the local community in that cyanide levels and several trees cut down through deforestation by operating mines is not excessive. Furthermore, McCluskey has implied that there was misinformation spread by local opposition among some of the Turks. Through a feasibility study of its mining projects, Alamos Gold was able to clarify its environmental impact assessment. McCluskey maintains that they have, on the whole, a good relationship with the locals, the çanakkale Turkish government, and the Turkish Department of Energy.

Alamos is also traded on the NYSE and the Canadian Stock exchange under the ticker, AGI. During the COVID-19 pandemic, CEO John A. McCluskey made sure that workers took proper precautions.

The acquisition of ounces of gold to your wealth and the inclusion of gold in your portfolio is always a good idea. Gold is one of our severely limited natural resources from the earth’s crust, and Forbes predicts that the gold price could go up, as it had since last year.

Diamonds: The Queen of Stones


When looking for that special engagement ring, nothing says forever like a diamond engagement ring, be it a ring with a natural diamond or a lab diamond. Lab created diamond rings are still real diamonds, and the difference is not visible to the naked eye.

Gemologists and the Huffington Post agree that lab diamonds are not synthetic diamonds but are, in fact, real diamonds. The sparkle and brilliance of natural diamonds have been cherished throughout the centuries. If there is any doubt about the authenticity of your diamond jewelry or the number of carats of your gemstone, the inclusion, and acquisition of a qualified person, like any of several available gemologists, should be enacted before the completion of a sale to make sure that your diamond jewelry is, in fact, real diamonds of clean origin and not synthetic diamonds made from cubic zirconia or some other diamond simulant, since some of the physical properties are similar.

Cultural Conclusion

Diamonds and gold, be it white gold or yellow gold, have excited the imagination of our culture throughout the ages. Throughout history, losing nations in military conflicts have made high carat diamonds and high carat gold, both white gold or yellow gold, part of their concessions. Whether it be the Ottoman Empire of Istanbul in Western Turkey, or the British Empire, gold and diamonds have been part of the free cash flow of nations throughout the centuries. As the gold price and natural diamond price continue to increase, it makes sense to contemplate acquiring such wealth through a qualified person or entity, such as an intermediate gold producer or several available gemologists.

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