Can You Retrieve Photos From a Broken Phone?

Can You Retrieve Photos From a Broken Phone?

Accidents happen. A glass of water spills next to your phone. Your phone drops in the toilet while scrolling. Your phone smashes on the pavement while you’re rushing down the street. Cell phones are one of our most precious possessions, but simultaneously one of our more fragile devices and finding yourself the sad owner of a cracked screen or broken phone is nearly inevitable amid the chaos of modern life. 

When your phone breaks, a simple trip to your local cell phone provider is necessary to repair the damaged device or purchase a new one. And while taking care of a broken phone might come with a hefty price, what is even more heartbreaking is the possibility of losing the material stored on the damaged phone. So when your phone breaks, can you get back your precious photos or are your memories lost forever?

Can you recover photos?

A completely damaged phone (even one that isn’t able to turn on) doesn’t necessarily equal complete data loss. It all depends on the level and type of damage done to your phone. If your phone needs to be repaired immediately, uBreakiFix is the perfect resource to use for a quick, smooth repair. Data from a broken Android phone can best be restored through a professional data recovery service using their specialized labs. However, there are multiple alternatives that don’t require you forking over money to a professional. 

How to restore your photos and data on a broken phone

You have several options when trying to retrieve photos or data on a damaged mobile device. The first is by recovering files through your SD card. As long as your phone hasn’t been submerged in water or baked to a crisp in an oven or fire, your SD card should still be functional. In this case, you can remove it, stick the card in a SIM card reader, connect the reader to your computer, and extract the data from there. 

Another alternative is recovering the photos by using the AutoPlay feature on your phone. In this regard, you would have needed to enable USB debugging before your Android phone broke or was cracked. Your phone’s USB slot will also need to be working as you are required to connect a USB cable. For this method, connect your broken Android phone to your computer via a USB cable. Once connected, an AutoPlay window will appear on your computer screen. Click on the option to “Open folder to view files.” You can then copy and paste the photos you want to retrieve. If you do not have USB debugging enabled, then nothing will appear on your computer screen. In that circumstance, use an OTG cable to connect your Android phone to a mouse and then you can control the functions of your broken phone with the mouse. 

One of the best sources of protection is an online backup using your phone provider or another third-party service app. Typically, any data stored on a cloud storage service can be recovered by reinstalling the applications on your new phone. It’s highly recommended to back up your files on your computer or another device in case your phone breaks or is stolen. 

You can also utilize Google Drive to recover your photos. Google Drive’s backup and sync features allow users to easily retrieve photos and materials on all of your synced devices. Google Drive stores all of the photos on your smartphone including the pictures shared via messaging applications like WhatsApp. Using Google Drive to access your photos is relatively easy. All you need to do is open up Google Drive and the photos should appear in the application. Simply download the files you want, and voila! All of your memories are saved. 

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