Best Practices for a Quick Real Estate Sale

Best Practices for a Quick Real Estate Sale

Real estate is an attractive investment vehicle for several people for many good reasons. Real estate is relatively stable, has high demand, and steady profitability over time compared to other investment assets.


When selling real estate, no-one wants the property lingering on the market for extended time periods. Speed is of the essence in this regard and selling real estate is often easier said than done. Although technology offers some assistance when presenting the property, it certainly doesn’t guarantee the sale. So, if you’re searching for essential tips to enable you to sell your property quicker, take a look at these suggestions below.


Sell to a Wholesaler



According to RealtyTrac, 40% of all US real estate transactions are completed by cash buyers. Essentially, there’re no banks involved in these buying processes. As such, wholesalers are a viable option to consider if you want to move property along quickly. These wholesalers become the middlemen for your sale, putting your house under contract and selling it to cash buyers. The process is faster than using a traditional agent, and they undoubtedly sell homes quicker. A quick Google search of “we buy houses” will reveal a list of these wholesalers ready to buy. One brand you can’t miss in your search results is SQCA.


SQCA is a five-star house buying company that offers cash for ready-to-sell properties in California. There’re no repairs, agents, hidden fees, or commissions lingering somewhere in the buying process. They buy houses as they’re, closing schedules for unwanted properties and giving customers whatever time they need. They also buy any home for sale, irrespective of the owner’s reason for selling. SQCA offers total transparency in the property buying process, providing offers within thirty minutes of consultation. These offers are fair and competitive, undoubtedly worth your property’s value. What’s more, they’re a reputed and trusted company, buying houses from several sellers for years.


Get Rid of Clutter

Getting rid of excess belongings is vital to selling a home fast, and you can always take the ones you don’t need elsewhere temporarily. A cluttered and untidy interior can stifle creativity in your potential buyer, which may be a turnoff or distraction. Also, clutter makes it difficult to see your room’s defined purposes. By making your home space looks well-defined, potential buyers can quickly visualize themselves occupying these spaces. But how do you move your precious stuff temporarily elsewhere to complete your quick sale? Storage services like US Storage Units can handle these concerns.


US Storage Units has storage units in Mesa and other locations, catering to a wide range of storage needs. They provide personal storage units, boat storage, car storage, and RV storage. With over two million storage units in their inventory, they also cater to a broad clientele across three countries. Some of their storage options are climate controlled, drive-up, and 24-hour access storage, accommodating many specific user needs. Rentals are monthly, and their fair rates appeal to a wide variety of clientele. US Storage Units is widely known as a safe and reliable storage provider, offering great storage deals at affordable rates.


Add Some Houseplants


It’s common knowledge that house plants purify our air and make our living spaces generally more comfortable to live in. But did you know that those plants could also make your home sell faster? Plants inject some life into your living space, freshen the air, and give a welcoming vibe to interior space. They also make a terrific first impression on customers, which is crucial in selling a house. These plants also provide scale to potential buyers and do a great job of bringing the outside inside. It would help if these plants were pet-friendly, though, since potential homeowners may have pets. Look online for pet-friendly plant suppliers such as Lively Root. Their products and services will come in handy when incorporating greenery in your home.


Lively Root even has dog and cat-friendly house plants that beautify your home while keeping your furry friends safe. Several common houseplants and outdoor plants are toxic to these pets. Oddly enough, these pets are attracted to the plants, occasionally nibbling away at them for not so obvious reasons. Lively Root’s pet-friendly plants are designed to kill two birds with one stone. You get to keep indoor plants while keeping pets safe. They provide cat-friendly plants like African violets, Christmas cactus, spider plants, Peacock plants, and Boston Ferns. Spider plants, peacock plants, and Boston ferns are also available and safe for dogs. What’s more, they’ve reputed horticulturists, delivering eco-friendly solutions to several people around the country.


Right Pricing

Irrespective of your renovation and staging efforts, appropriate pricing is still essential to selling your home fast. Experts view pricing as a crucial balancing act. You want to get the best returns possible from your property while attracting potential buyers with your reasonable prices. To get your pricing right, find out how much similar homes are selling for in your market. A real estate agent can help with this market evaluation and help you resist the temptation to overprice your home.


A reasonably priced home will sell faster at a higher price. That’s because potential buyers will quickly recognize a good deal and flock to you to be the lucky new homeowners. The right pricing also gives buyers more confidence in your property, closing any deals fast. Understanding pricing and other best practices for financial management are crucial to real estate investment. Therefore, learn more about pricing and other finance-related real estate practices to make you a better investor.


Improve your home’s curb appeal.

Many sellers often overlook the importance of curb appeal to selling a home. However, curb appeal is essential due to first impressions. Your home’s external appearance is the first thing potential buyers notice. Consequently, improving your curb appeal adds value to your home and helps it sell faster. Luckily, you can try to make your home hot property on the market with several curb appeal improvement ideas.


Firstly, invest in grass, landscaping, and trees. Dirt patches and poorly maintained lawns rob homes of their beauty, so prioritize proper landscaping. By thoroughly watering your yard for a few weeks and planting some flowers, you can transform your home’s greenery. A solid paint job, adding lighting, repairing the roof, and touching up the driveway can also boost your home’s overall look.


In conclusion, selling houses in a competitive real estate market can be daunting to even seasoned realtors. Nevertheless, with the strategies listed above, combined with other helpful tips, you could experience genuine success in selling homes over time.

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